My Fellow Sponges are an independent band from Galway, Ireland. Four capable musicians were able to built up a steady following in Galway and beyond for their energetic live shows and imaginative videos.

The band started off as a creative union of two singer-songwriters. Donal McConnon with his lyrically-led folk ditties and Anna Mullarkey with her lush and elegant synth-pop sound. The two decided to play music together, after performing as actors on a number of theatre shows in university. They were later joined by David Shaughnessy (drums) and Sam Wright (bass).

2013 saw the release of their debut album Bonne Nuit. Mostly focused on a more rural sound, the single from it which received the most attention was This Dream Song, mainly for the highly-ambitious, surrealist backwards video which accompanied its release. The follow up Something Like Light (2014), displays a much more reflective, piano-driven sound from a band ever-willing to explore new possibilities with sound. Last year’s single, The Cold Hand, has been the bands most successful release to date, gaining nationwide radio-play and convincing music lovers to flock to their shows during the festival season.

My Fellow Sponges have collaborated with story-tellers, comedians, dancers and brass-ensembles. They have played entire shows improvised, under the moniker, Community. Their live concerts are lively, unpredictable and intimate. They comfortably switch from eerie-electronica to hip-shaking-bossa-nova all with a dramatic flair that has stayed with Donal and Anna from their theatre days. They have wowed crowds in every corner of Ireland and this year they have sucessfully toured Poland.

Their sound, a result of collaboration between fine musical personalities, incorporates elements of minimalism, folk, bossa and more recently synth-heavy electro. With influences that include: Kate Bush, Devendra Bahnhart, Joanna Newsom, Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Django Django.

They are finishing work on their second album.

My Fellow Sponges have been featured on the Irish Independent’s ‘Windmil Lane Sessions’, Tg4’s Clar An Imeall, Lyric FM and Arena on RTE Radio 1. Their video for ‘This Dream Song’ was nominated for Best Music Video at SENE Film Festival 2014.



“My Fellow Sponges are as bizarre as they are brilliant in their peculiar sonic way — that on any
given song can include ukulele, glockenspiel, harmonium, banjo, flute, drums. On stage, this progfolk
Arcade Fire-on-acid sound can extend to include a brass band playing, as well as mime artists,
dancers and actors in excelsis”, (Barry Egan,

A Sponges show keeps you on your toes, with their set changing in tempo and mood throughout. (Connacht Tribune)

Galway’s My Fellow Sponges on Saturday night at the Bulmer’s Lounge were an endearingly quirky hit of positivity and talent. (Irish Examiner)

Cold Hand

I now unconditionally give my heart to My Fellow Sponges, and if they do break it then it will undoubtedly be worth the pain, as all true love is. (Bobby Green)

They’re feeling their way through it all, but seem to instinctively know what their calling is, and having such a broad background of styles will be nothing but a strength when writing new material in the future. (Remy’s The Best of Music and Film)

What’s really enticing about this band is how unafraid they are to experiment and progress; their sound tells a story that moves from the upbeat and enthusiastic stylings of folk to the more gritty and moody elements of electro. (Dublin Concerts)


“Air” is a quite different yet mesmerizing track that includes classical and electronic elements that blend together perfectly’.(The Revue)

‘a lovely trip-hop song that evokes elements of Portishead’s Dummy, lo-fi end Massive Attack and Moby’s ‘God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters’. (Remy’s The Best of Music and Film) 

Something Like Light

My Fellow Sponges’ new EP: Something like light has been described as “Like having a journey through different irish places, wandering through cold meadows and lake, and then taking shelter in a woody parlor.” (Some Candy Talking)

With Something Like Light, this band shows just how serious they are about their art. (Snap Download)

The track itself is intriguingly off-beat, showing hints of the band’s quirky folk style, with nods to jazz before veering into the realm of eerie psychedelia occupied by the likes of Grizzly Bear’. (Galway Independent)

‘The track is Floating and its a lovely stop/start/roar melody that is quirky and fun whilst holding weight and meaning.’ (Higher Plane Music)